Tuesday, March 28, 2006



The world to kids is a vast and different land, where geometry is fluid. Sounds can be painted here and colors can be heard or muted and shapes are curious things that make fun of all the silly rules governing the life of grown-ups.

Once upon a time, we were part of this tiny leaf, attached to a great fish dozing on stones balancing on the wing of a bug whose roots stretched and reached deep, deep down between the toes of two volcanoes exchanging paper planes across three oceans and four hiccups.

"One sun for every house" by Luna. Rio liked this best. He called it four sun world.

"Luna does Arturo Luz". "Mahirap ito Tatay," said Luna after she finished the pen and ink (on her brother's notebook hehe...)

"Chess ni Kuya" by Luna. My favorite.

"Banana and cookie in a basket para kay Yami" by Luna. The young girl's does still life. When I first saw it, I said "wow." This was her Christmas gift for my youngest sister.

"Four kids" by Rio

"Rio does Jackson Pollock's Telephone Poles"

"Level 1256" by Rio. Rio likes pencils and with the effect of faded graphite erasures.

"Ninja" by Rio. This is her favorite painting of all, said Luna.

"Experiment with a prehistoric man from somewhere" by Rio. I love this piece of his most. Rio said it's a little boy experimenting with the power of two stars and air circulation bubbles. Yep.